Guess Bags

  1. Hi, I'm new here. I've been reading posts for a few days. I haven't seen any posts on guess bags. I was just wondering if anybody here has a thing for guess bags? Usually i buy Coach or Dooney & Bourke, but latley I've been attracted to Guess. I know there inexpensive, but they are also attractive. My current bag is a Quatro G satchel, and I think its goregeous with great hardware (I love good hardware on a bag). So I was just wondering if there are any other Guess lovers on this site?
  2. Do you have any pics? I'm not really familiar with Guess bags...I buy their clothes sometimes, but haven't really looked into their bags.
  3. I tried to upload a photo, but , it said it was to large. Do you know how to scale down the picture?...I'll try again
  4. I think Guess bags would be more appealing if they were made of leather rather than pleather. I hate pleather, especially the way it smells. It think this bag is cute, but the fact it's not real leather turns me off:
  5. DSCN5200.JPG Here we go, I think I got it to work...
  6. The bag I have has real leather...I didnt even know some were pleather. I totally agree...I would stay clear of pleather also.
  7. I have seen some nice ones from Guess. My good friend has a bag in a light caramel color, she gets tons of compliments whenever she wears it.

  8. Its funny, Ive carried mostly Coach and D&B, The only times I have ever got compliments on my bag is when im carrying my Guess. I swear and its all the time. Its funny because I've spent hundreds on my other bags and I get nothing...I spent about $60 on this one and I get comments all the time...weird!
  9. armcandyluvr...Iwas looking at that link you sent...almost all the Guess bags are "synthetic leather". Must be why they are so cheap. I guess mine must be also...oh well, I still love it!
    Thanks for the link though, there are some cute bags on there.
  10. i used to be a die hard fans of guess when i was in high school! i love the clothes, wallet & jewelry. never really look on the bags though :P
  11. I like them too! I have some really pretty styles of them and they come in so many different colors. Sometimes I want a certain color bag for a particular outfit and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it (even though most of the ones I get are priced $75 and up - still not super cheap). I definitely appreciate investing in a higher quality leather bag you are going to carry a lot and get lots of wear out of, but for a nice, fun purse they are great!
  12. Some Guess bags are actually leather. I like the ones w/out the logo but havent owned any since high school. I like yours though. It's cute. Do you.
  13. I just purchased a red guess bag, for some crazy reason i'm lusting over red.

    I was also in at the guess store yesterday while out and they had the cutest pink denim bag, reminded me of the denim speedy.
    I may go back and get it :P
  14. i own a shiny black guess bag with matching wallet... i actually bought it not too long ago from an outlet for 50% off... i think it's very stylish.. it looks really good especially when i'm wearing a simple black pant suit coz it stands out.. i've gotten quite a few compliments the times i used it... someone noticed it from 10 feet away and thought that it was a gucci.. hee hee
  15. I don't like bags with a lot of "bling" or big logo or letters on them (either printed or hardware), so that rules out a lot of newer Guess bags. But they do have some attractive bags, and they are priced well.