GUESS bags?

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  1. hi,

    i was wondering - i have the impression that despite GUESS being more known in the us than in europe, their bags are much, MUCH cheaper in the us. here in germany, it's pretty much impossible to find a GUESS bag from a current collection for less than $200, and those are usually just clutches/really small shoulder bags. it's just so weird to me that GUESS seems to be aiming for a high-end image in europe and that they're more mid-end in the us. or am i wrong about it?

    i personally like their bags and own two of them. what about you guys? yay or nay?
  2. I used to like Guess bags, but not much anymore. I have 3 or 4 sitting in my closet that I haven't used in a couple years.
  3. Nay, only bc all the teeny boppers here have one and is way too common. I also don't like the giant G's on them. Not a fan at all.
  4. I'm not a fan either. They're too blingy and obvious for me.
  5. I think they have too much hardware on them, and I am not a fan of the fake croco leather that they use. They would be cuter if there was less going on, I would definitely get one.
  6. I personally find them to be too gaudy. I am not a fan of faux leather either.

  7. not a fan of the fake croco leather, either. the two bags i own are really, REALLY simple ones compared to the rest of their collections, both black, and only one of them has a lot of hardware.
    i agree that their bags are often very "over-the-top". a few months ago i saw a pink, fake-croco leather bag with fake fur and hardware, it made my eyes bleed, haha.
  8. For me: I hate them. In my country ( czech), many of women wear their bags. They think, it is a designer stuff. But I cannot understand how is it posiible, that they make obvious "fakes"???? For example: the latest collection looks like the Muse from YSL. Another bag has a woven handle lika miu-miu coffer, and a whole collection looks like classic canvas Prada. I dont know, if these bags are only in Prague, where people cannot atleast allow a "real" designer bag and the women dont know the originals??:cursing::crybaby:
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  9. mmmhm, i've never seen the collections that look like the muse from ysl or like canvas prada. they definitely do have different collections from country to country though.
  10. Wow, they are really marked up in price in Europe, it seems. Here, most are under $100, reaching at most around $120.
  11. its the same in Australia, Guess bags are marked up so that most of them are over $150. I use to like them but find that too many people carry them now and not really a big fan of fax leather.
  12. Isn't it interesting how some brands that are "just OK" in the US are so sought after in other parts of the world? Whenever my Finnish relatives come to visit, all they want to do is buy Sees candy and Levis, apparently the jeans are WAY more expensive there. So we go to Mervyn's or whatever and every time they're amazed at the prices.

    So my point is, maybe cost has something to do with the cache? Meaning, because Guess is pricier overseas, it's more desirable? Personally I'm not a fan, the styling and details of Guess clothing and bags are too young for me.
  13. you know what i really dislike about guess, it reminds me of GOACH. cause everytime I see those stupid G's I keep thinking goach.

    sorry, not a fan
  14. I'm not a fan. Personally I think it looks cheap.
  15. I love Guess. My Guess bag has received the most compliments of all of my bags. I paid 40 dollars for a black croc handbag, I found at Marshalls. There are alot of people in Texas that like them.