Guerlain's VERY pricey pout.... mwa mwa darlinks ;-)

  1. Finding the right shade of lipstick is not easy to do, and women are willing to pay big bucks for the perfect one. But $62,000??! :wtf:

    French cosmetics house Guerlain is releasing KissKiss Gold and Diamonds, and for the $62,000 price tag you’ll get a consultation with Guerlain’s artistic director Olivier Echaudemaison and a lipstick shade customized just for you that comes in an 18-karat gold lipstick tube encrusted with 199 conflict-free diamonds, plus rubies and emeralds. It can be engraved and comes in a black lacquer case with a suede pouch.


    Put me down for four!! :p
  2. Holy cow! The tube is really, really pretty, but there's not way in hell I would pay that much for it.
  3. Is it refillable?! It seems like for that price they should keep the color formulation on file so you could order more. Otherwise what are you supposed to do when it's gone??? :shocked:
  4. yep, its refillable and apparently, it comes with a collection of 15 refills of the same colour so you wont be running out anytime soon!
  5. Maybe if I was rich I would buy this. I mean, it's really pretty, and you'd have the perfect shade but I just can't buy it right now. I'd always be comparing it to something I could've gotten instead like a car or something. However, I would also love to have a customized lipstack shade made for myself.
  6. hmpg..not my thing. i'd lose it within a week! 62 k is crazy~!
  7. If this were lip gloss, we'd be in business!
  8. Pretty :girlsigh:
  9. LOL, if only....
  10. pretty but the price!!!!! :wtf:
  11. It is crazy isnt it!
    i could buy a very nice car with that!
    i think, if you buy this, thats when you know you have too much money! haha
    of course, it being made of gold, you can also get it engraved with a special message for a loved one. Now wouldnt that make a heck of a valentines gift?! :graucho:

    Eugh.. knowing me, id probably drop it down the sink or something...
  12. lol, haha! i wouldn't even use it. and with that price, i could buy many handbags. :graucho:
  13. Wow! That could be a car!
  14. I'm pretty sure that even if I had the money, I'd lose the tube in no time flat.
  15. that's the first thing i thought! i mean 62 grand for lipstick that will last a year and then what:rolleyes: