Guerlain's Collaboration with Emillo Pucci! Pretty!!

  1. For all fashionistas, this is a must-have make-up collectible! They're so pretty!!

    There's a palette for eyes, meteorites powder for the face, and a handy face brush in Pucci's signature print case!

    I've grabbed mine already! :yes: Before it sells out! :p
    P184200_hero.jpg P184201_hero.jpg P184202_hero.jpg
  2. There'a also the lip gloss, available in 3 gorgeous shades! :heart:
  3. oh! i love that face brush!
  4. ^ me tooooo
  5. In love with it :heart:
  6. I already ordered the eye kit. The case can be used when makeup is gone. i love pucci!
  7. I would have to see the colors in person. I like the brush.
  8. Wow! :heart: Pucci!!
  9. i just bought the entire collection at Saks this afternoon! it's DIVINE! sooo pretty!
  10. i ordered my pucci meteorites a while back and have been using it on and off...i love it and i LOOOOOVE pucci :yahoo:
  11. OMG I love the lipgloss! Is it available online anywhere?
  12. I want them all!
  13. i love them all....
  14. Neiman Marcus online has them, else try eBay!:smile:
  15. gosh I so should have not looked at this!I don't need anymore makeup!