GUERLAIN *post purchases with pics* & chat too :)

  1. The blushes are nice, very very sheer color pay off. Great if you are on the lighter side. Deeper skin tones might only get use out of the darkest shade. The blushes are meant to highlight as well. It is imporant to use them with an angled blush brush and swipe over the blush , then apply to the face just like the pan. You will see the highlight on top of the color, and the contour below, if you follow how it is in the pan. The results are nice. :smile:
  2. Happy shopping! Pictures of your Haul?
  3. I like it for everyday use, but somehow I love High Tea by MAC more, since it's less expensive to repurchase and a tad bit more neutral :biggrin:
  4. After checking reviews for lots of foundations on you tube decided to get a sample of the Aqua. Bought it the next day :lol: absolutely love it and thinking of making Lingerie my next purchase.

    Last all day, medium coverage, SPF20, bit of a glow and dare I say better than my Chanel Lumiere :wtf::wtf: My new HG.
  5. Here's my new HG Four Seasons (Brunette). I used to use the terracotta for brunettes which is also great but this is so versatile. This is going to be repurchased again and again though the terracotta lasted over 2 years.
  6. ^Looks like something I would love to try!

    I decided to go for it and get the Holiday Meteorites! I love the way it adds a glow to my face! I was surprised by the strong floral scent when the container is opened, but it doesn't overwhelm on the face.


  7. ^^^ yay. they are addicting, soon you will want to collect everyone that ever came out. I love them. I used my butterfly ones today.
  8. I love this one! Esp the gold meteorites :heart:
  9. has anyone ever tried the travel touch version of the meteorites? What do you think of it?

    I went for it too when I saw it on during the VIB event! :p It's my first and won't be my last. :graucho:
  10. I am new to the thread, so ignore this if it has been answered already! The Mythic 01 has the green pearls to correct for redness.
  11. I think it depends on your skin tone. It's best to ask the SA to help you out so that you can get the "glow" that works for your skin tone.

    I think from what I recall, you just push the puff on your face and powder comes out? Anyone else can clarify?
  12. I have a question about the meteorites: I have an oily tzone and I find I'm shiny quite often. I don't use a powder, but I do blot with tissue during the day. Is it recommended for me to wear meteorites besides the glow?
  13. I just bought the Lingerie also and am in love with it. So natural looking - had been using Cle de Peau and Giorgio Armani - and this is lighter and even more natural looking - love it!!!