GUERLAIN *post purchases with pics* & chat too :)

  1. i'm planning on switching to guerlain foundation once i'm done with my second bottle of chanel. chanel's not doing it for me lately unfortunately and i've collected so much already!
  2. I am a NW20 in MAC and chose 13 Rose Naturale (pink undertones). I did not get the newest foundation at Sephora (out of stock). I got Parure Extreme, but the shades listed are the same. Anyway karlasugar has some swatches

    If this helps: I recently purchased MAC's newest foundation (the long wear one) in NW20. I found it just a tad too light.

  3. Ok, here it is (almost looks like a bottle of perfume doesn't it?)

  4. Just a pic of my Guerlain Lippie, but I also have a couple more things... generally I love their packaging the most LOL the only product I really bought because of performance is their Terracotta bronzing powder, my HG
  5. I want to try the lingerie de peau. I've heard only great things online and youtube reviews. I can't wait! and I normally don't even wear foundation.. I plan on picking that up and some other things tomorrow. I will post pics and a review when I get home.
  6. Thanks! I actually checked Karlasugar but I must have missed that. I was actually considering that shade, I'm an NW20 too.
  7. I love the one 6-couleur palette I have right now! I don't find the shadows to be that hard, I like that they don't powder off all over each other. They are sheer but so buildable!

    Do you recommend particular brushes? I am using the e/s brush from Le Metier de Beaute and it works well, but if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear!
  8. supposedly i was gonna make a purchase today but passed cause there's a fall beauty gala at the bay this coming sunday so i told the SA i'll just come back. this way i can snag the freebie they're also giving out! :winkiss:
  9. ITA!

    Sjunky ~ I'd like to know what you think of the blush eclats! :biggrin:
  10. It's actually pretty nice! A clutch and some orchide skin care samples
  11. I have been using Guerlain's new "Lingerie de Peau" foundation and I :love: it!

    Looks like a second skin and doesn't budge all day. Amazing.

    But I'm interested in trying their Kohl.......I've always been intrigued by it.
  12. here ya go... :smile:

  13. karlasugar has swatches up on the new foundation. Also she says this about the colors " If the first digit is 0, the foundation has beige undertones (and all the shade names start with "Beige"). If the first digit is 1, it has pink undertones ("Rose"). And if the first digit is 2, it has golden tones ("Dore").

    Here's the complete post
  14. heh i've seen it. :p i was looking at lingerie de peau swatches when i asked the SA what the makeup bag + samples were for and she said it's for sunday's event so i told her i'll just come back even if i already purchased 2 tix from another bay location. one more day eeeep! can't wait!!

  15. I love that color. Number 60. haha, it is my favorite. I love the packaging too.