GUERLAIN *post purchases with pics* & chat too :)

  1. I have recently discovered Guerlain. I am completely in love with this brand & the products. It has been around since 1838!

    Starting with perfume, they custom made scents for Queen Victoria of England and Queen Isabelle of Spain! (I am a HUGE European Monarchy history buff..)

    Anyways from there, they developed their amazing skin care & makeup line.

    Please Share Yours!

    Super Aqua Day Moisturizer
    Meteorites in 02 Tient Beige
    khol from the Terracotta line in 06 Mirage


  2. Beautiful! I'm getting started on this brand as well! I purchased the holiday e/s palette but unfortunately the violets are not for me. I'm returning it but I'm sure I'll be replacing it with another!
  3. aw, sorry that it didn't work out for you. Post what you decide! I am so excited for this brand, EVERYTHING smells heavenly!!
  4. I too am intrigued with Guerlain! I just last night placed an order at Sephora using the VIB discount for Guerlain's Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation. I am excited to try it, has rave reviews!

    The Meteorites always tempt me, but I have yet to take the plunge! Someday :p

    These are my Guerlain products, very happy with all three :smile:

    Ombre Eclat 4 Shades in Rose Boise
    KissKiss Strass in Beige Mousseline
    Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Blondes
  5. I ordered more Rouge G lipsticks and some e/s palettes during the engraving event going on at NM still, I think. They will engrave your name on the metal cases. I have no idea why that tickles me so much, but it does. Love Rouge G lipsticks.
  6. gga! I wish they had offers like that in Canada, but no such luck. Please post pics when you get it back!

    It'sanaddiction Your colours are beautiful! Def something I would choose. How do you find the compact powder?
  7. don't have a picture of it but I LOVE their Kiss Kiss Gloss
  8. I just purchased the Kiss Kiss gloss in crystal pearl, it is so pretty over any lipstick!
  9. oh gawd! I LOVE guerlain. Their pressed meteorites are the only things I've EVER hit the pan on! So I've already purchased them twice. I'm debating the voyage one...but it does cost a pretty penny and I've heard that if you travel internationally, they can be found a teeny bit cheaper at duty free shops.

    Currently I'm loving my 3rd pressed meteorites in rose, the holiday edition meteorites, and the LE mascara. I also wear Shalimar when I want to feel a little dirty :winkiss:
  10. I have heard so many rave reviews of the kisskiss gloss, I'm going to have to go and get some!

    Nekonat - are the pressed meteorites the same as the loose ones in the jars? I am wanting a compact for my purse, not nessesarily in the meteorites though, do you use yours as a powder after your foundation/concealer?

    Oh man, I just want to buy it all to try!
  11. outtacontrol-I find that the pressed meteorites give a little bit more of a "shimmer" look to it vs. the loose ones. Yes, I do use it as a powder after my foundation.

    LOL! yes yes! Buy it all :smile:
  12. i just started with guerlain also. here's my first purchase-- meteorites in perles d'or from sephora's vib event kick-off party. will stop by the store again tomorrow to pick up the holiday shadow palette. :love:

  13. i couldn't agree more. i read about it in one of the asian blogs i'm following. ;)

  14. ooops i spoke too soon! i just realized this is my 3rd guerlain purchase lol.

    pics of the other two..

    indian kohl liner + shadow palette in champs elysees


  15. oohhh! I die! all of these are beautiful!

    Thanks for the info nekonat! That's good to know

    Beauty addict - Thanks for sharing! I see that diorshow mascara in your pic... I have heard many good things about that too. I wonder how it compares to lancome's defenicils which I have used forever.. lol I've never seen the indian khol like that, just the powder one which I have. Is it more creamy? or still powdery?

    Keep them coming ladies!