Guci horsebit hobo, please help me about to buy one!

  1. Hi, I really want a black leather horsebit hobo, in the medium size I think, on Neiman Marcus they have the large but not the medium and on they only have the one with the monogram, is this a discontinued style? Will I be able to get one in London? Also, does this style get reduced in the sales? It's just I would hate to buy it for it to then get reduced to half price!

    Also, does anyone have any pics of them with a mediun one? I have never seen one in real life, is the leather soft? Does it say Gucci anywhere on it or is the horsebit the only giveaway? And one last question! Is the black medium leather with gold horsebit still made?

    Sorry for so many questions!!!:yes:
  2. Anyone? Also is the plain leather more expensive ot cheaper than the guccisima leather?
  3. Hi, horse bit hobo is a classic style. You should be able to find the medium in most stores. The leather I have heard does get softer, the bag relaxes more with use. The embossed leather is more expensive than the regular leather. Some people have gotten it on sale but I think thats a rare thing and not to common. Good luck , its a great bag.
  4. Hi, I just got my medium horsebit hobo (in cognac) last week. I found it by calling the Gucci Outlet store at Woodbury Commons. Price was 629USD and they did a charge send. This same bag goes for $1100 on The leather is very soft and there is no visible Gucci logo, which is what I prefer. I suggest you call an outlet to see if you can locate the specific bag you're looking for and if they will ship internationally. I have pictures of the bag here:

    Good luck!