Guccissimas ever go on sale?????

  1. Do the Guccissima med. horsebit hobos or Guccissima Britt bostons ever go on sale??
    Have they ever gone on sale or do you think they will go on sale (or are they on sale anywhere right now??)

  2. I don't think they go on sale in the stores. I have heard of people getting lucky and finding Guccissima bags in the outlets
  3. You may want to try the outlet and sometime in the non popular styles or colors may be there as well!
  4. Thanks girls! What about the popular horsebit hobo specifically....? in guccissima...
  5. ^ooooooohhhhhh noooooo lol
  6. HAHAHA......didn't think so!!! I just wanted to make sure b/c I buying one!! LOL!
  7. I have never seen one on Sale in store.