Guccissima vs mono fabric for everyday

  1. I'm on the prowl for an everyday bag, a hobo style, and am torn between the brown mono fabric or brown guccissima leather. I'm not SUPER gentle on my "everyday" bag, so it's got to hold up, but I also don't want it to be too heavy, or feel too formal (I have a very casual/hippy/preppy sort of style). I'm thinking brown mono in the Wave hobo, or a used 85th Anniversary hobo, or brown guccissima leather in the medium chain horsebit hobo.

    What do you think?
  2. I'd go with the brown guccissima leather hobo. Canvas tends to get dirty easily so if you used it everyday it would eventually start to show. Also, the guccissima leather is not something you see everyday so it'd be more unique!
  3. i'd go with the brown guccissima in medium chain hobo.
  4. Thanks sparkles, it def. would be more unique!

    bullshopper: I've read that people were worried the guccissima would be too stiff, but I've also read it's the nicest leather.... does it depend on the style? Because the medium horsebit hobo isn't so structured, would it let the leather get softer?
  5. i have the princy medium tote in brown guccissima and it's not stiff at all. the leather is so nice that it will hold up to a lot of beating although i'm not rough on my bags at all. what i mean is that it does not scuff easy and it does not attract dirt either. over time the leather will just look and feel better IMO.
  6. let me say that it's always hands down to the guccissima brown leather chain horsebit. that bag is so gorgeous in person and i think it could take on a good beating compared to the fabric. the fabric just clings on to a lot of dust and dirt while the leather will be a little easier to maintain. good luck with choosing!
  7. I think of the guccisima as more of a fall/winter purse, while the fabric seems more spring/summer. The guccisima is georgeous and more durable.
  8. i love guccissima... i have the treasure and pelham bag in the brown, pair of heels in brown too, a white bouvier, and a sand boston, and the leather is awesome. i do also have the fabric abbey which is fine, but i love guccissima more. it's harder to be faked also i believe.
  9. Definitely the guccissima!!! I am all for leather bags. I actually only have one gucci canvas bag, and it's black so it won't show dirt as much. The guccissima leather can take you places the canvas can't; it can still be dressed down.
  10. Thanks everyone! It's definitely sounds like the guccissima leather, (which I think I secretly wanted it to be, anyway!)

    beljwl- you must love it, you have two princy's in two different colors! Maybe a style I should consider!
  11. Yes, I love my Guccissima bags. You should read the end of the thread titled Upset :sad: and there was someone that posted that they had the Brown Guccissima Princy hobo like mine at one the Gucci outlets for somewhere around seven hundred dollars.

    If you were to get a canvas you will never really be completely happy with it and will still want the Guccissima so you might as well just buy what you really want first. Don't settle for 2nd choice if you don't have to.

    Good luck, once you get your new Gucci be sure to post pictures,
  12. haha so im tottally against the crowd on this one!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE the canvas!! I dont know why, but i feel like its just "me"!!!

    i have the "chain" in canvas and im SUPER DUPER rough on bags....seriously like i ussally keep two or three purses in the trunk of my car just incase i need to change or something...haha im also one to just put the bag on the floor of yeah im not toooo careful of my bags BUT the canvas has held up just perfectly fine for me (through snow, rain and sunshine (and when i say sunshine i mean 115+ in az hehe)

    but in the end its just ur personal preference....i think they will BOTH hold up well, but what do you LOVE!?!? My theory is im 23, ill wait till im a little older to sport a class bag like the guccisma! :smile: but then again thats just me... im weird like that!
  13. hello .. i was the one that posted about the $700 guccissima princy in brown at the outlet. i went back in last sat to get another bag i had seen ,, and guess what . they are all sld out. there is this fellow cubana that works there .. i am soo going to become her friend so that she can call me when new stuff comes in. the day i saw the princy, i got there as soon as the new stock arrived .. i'm going back tothe outlet tomm. ill let u know what i saw!
  14. Your bio says you live in NY/NJ... are you talking about the Woodbury Premium Outlets? I'm planning a shopping trip there for around the end of May, hopefully! I'm just under 3 hours from there, so it would make a nice day trip. Do they get new stuff in regularly? I know Gucci's sale is around end of May/beginning of June.... do you think that will mean the outlets will be getting lots of new stuff then? Ahh!! Definitely keep me posted!