Guccissima Messenger

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  1. Hello everyone!! After reading luvednotspoiled's thread about buying a new gucci messenger, I was easily influenced that i needed one too. I searched on BlueFly and eBay hoping that I would find a good bargain, but didn't really see anything that I was willing to pay for. I've never contacted any of the gucci outlets before and the next thing I know, im calling up the Cabazon Outlet. The messenger was $559 w/tax and shipping it came out to be $615. BlueFly has it listed for $920. I ordered it last week and it arrived on Monday. I still want a canvas mono messenger, but I just don't want to pay full price. Sorry no modeling pics. I am so unhappy about my weight :crybaby:it really is depressing.

    messenger 001.jpg messenger 003.jpg messenger 004.jpg messenger 002.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag! i was so tempted too by this one and the price is fantastic! I have been searching for a eclipse messenger like mssmelanie's and after 8 months I finally found one on eBay. Waiting for it to arrive from Hawai. So excited!

    Congrats on yours!
  3. Thank you charmed!! I saw the other messengers you posted earlier and wow!! :nuts: you bought another one from eBay??!!!! You must really like messenger bags. :love: Sounds like my S-I=L. She loves messengers!! Congrats on your purchases and please post pics when they all arrive.
  4. That looks real yummy!

    Have you started using it yet? It looks like a great size messenger, no?
  5. Hi Lorenzo! No, I haven't used it yet. I will use it this w/e at my son's baseball games and all other future sporting events. I think a messenger is a great alternative for those type of things. I normally get my purses knocked off the bleachers or something and I hate setting it down. It actually is a great size. After it softens up a bit, I don't think it will look so boxy. I love the front pockets. Easy access to the cell phone and keys!
  6. Hey gucci.... no secret that I love your new bag. Do you know if I could call the Cabazon Outlet?? You think they might ship this far???? I want the Queen Hobo and a Positano - pronto!!
  7. What up coco!! I'm not sure if they ship international but since you're in the Land Down Under... I can call for you tomorrow and find out. I got free long distance ;):P:graucho: Save your phone bill money and put it towards some Gucci! I'll call tomorrow for you.
  8. bless your cotton socks GL.... thanks love!!
    It is soooooo annoying living out here. Our boutiques are SO overpriced in Australia. Like I want the new Queen Hobo or Positano (large, brown trim, red scarf)... both are almost $1900 each. Gah!!
    Thanks and congrats again - good taste as always:graucho:
  9. omg what a beautiful bag and what a bargin. wish we had an outlet in Hawaii. congrats on your purchase
  10. and she's finally here!!! Very beautiful and yummy messenger guccilover!!! I told you it'll be perfect on you....I'm really hoping to see a modeling pic though...:graucho: maybe when your hardwood floors are done?!
  11. :tup:
  12. omg what a deal!!! man i need to get off my lazy butt and post pics lol

    i love love love it!!! congrats!
  13. That is just adorable!!! Congrats!
  14. Coco, i just called for you darling and no "queen" in site and there was only one "positano" but it wasn't the monogram canvas :tdown: They just had the all white canvas with red embroidary. And of course.... they do not ship international - booooooo :yucky:

    m808 - i wish i lived near one too :cry: i had to do a phone order. But I do wish i lived in hawaii :beach: hehe

    mzleah... haha who knows, there might be some action shots in the future:graucho:

    luved, thank you.. but, where is your messenger? You started this whole thing for me :P I'm dying to see it. Hurry up and take a pic for the whole gang!!! :party:

    thank you windy! I see your off your ban....??? what's the next purchase :tup:
  15. Beautiful bag!!