Guccissima leather scuffs and small!!!

  1. My boston guccissima leather gucci is getting small scuffs around the bottom corners. my bag is new only a few weeks old and I try to be careful. I do use this one everyday though and tips on how to prevent or treat small scuff marks. Do you think that is part of the charm of the bag has it ages? My large chocholate Guccissima tote get less time out of my wardrobe so it does not have the same issue. My new bag is just so lovely so hate to get scuffs and scratches on it. Maybe it is a sign of bag that is getting lots of carrying time and is well loved.
  2. If you use the bag a lot, it's only natural that it may become scratched just due to so many opportunities for it to come into contact with something hard!

    The only way to really protect it is to be vigilant about being careful with it, but then that may become a PITA to always be worrying about your bag. You should be able to just enjoy it!

    My advice would be to start rotating it so that in the long run there's less wear & tear. Plus I find that when you rotate, each time you switch it's like you've got a "new bag" and you're more careful with it! If you use a bag everyday... after awhile it could be easy to be less careful with it. This, of course, is just my personal opinion.
  3. I have the blue guccissima and color on the leather is fading on the corners after a few week.s.......thers pretty much nothing you can do cept what jadecee said.....just switch your bag up.....
  4. Such a great excuse to buy more you can rotate!!! :roflmfao: