guccissima leather help

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  1. Hello all! I need some help picking my first high end designer bag. I was sold on louis till I saw the guccissima leather specifically in the brown. There are 3 that I like: Small Pelham at $1880
    Medium Punch at $935
    Horsebit hobo at $1205

    I need help deciding. I love the pelham, but If I buy the one of the others I can budget another bag. I was thinking a Louis speedy 25 in damier. I know this is the gucci forum and not LV, but what is your experience with gucci vs LV. Should I get one showstopper or buy 2 different bags for more versatility. Keep in mind I only have coach bags now, which I plan to sell off soon. Thanks for the help
  2. Guessing the Coach bags are versatile?? If so get the showstopper! I llove the horsebit hobo then the pelham
  3. ^ Yup I agree...I have the choc brown med horsebit in guccissima leather...LOVE IT!!! I am not a fan of the pelham....And at the risk of getting my butt chewed I do not like LV...(sorry..just my opinion...however I do like the plain bags..none of the logos) The horsebit is a classy classic! Let us know what you decide!! :heart: Emmy
  4. I vote for the pelham - it's such a gorgeous style. I'm sure you'll LOVE it!!!

    Let us know what you decide...and good luck with your decision! You can't go wrong with any of your choices really...
  5. So I went to go buy the horsebit guccissima brown leather today at Neiman Marcus and as I went to pay for it they tell me they dont accept visa or mastercard. Only Neiman Marcus card or amex. I dont have either! I was so upset! So no guccissima today. I did buy a louis speedy damier though. Hopefully I'll find the gucci elsewhere that does take visa!
  6. ^ Call NM in Las Vegas...ask for Carlos.....They take VISA at this NM store!My best kept secret!!!LOL!
  7. Thanks for the tip! I'll call today!
  8. i love choco guccissima... in fact i love guccissima in all colors, but choco is my favorite b/c of the different tones. i have the pelham and the small treasure bag in that color, the new cruise small boston bag in sand, and a small bouvier in white. really is fantastic leather!!
  9. i am a huge fan of both gucci and lv. but i must say, for a showstopper- go for any guccisima leather bag. the leather is just so rich!
    for practical bags- you can't go wrong with the speedy (and i know you just bought it, right?). i have it in mono canvas and it's my "go to the bank/playground/grocery" kinda bag. love it!
    hope you find your gucci soon!:smile:
  10. I did end up buying the speedy and I LOVE it. I think I'm still going to get the guccissima. I just love the look of the leather and the color soo much. Its very different from a lot of the handbags out there. Babyhart could you post a pic of your pelham? I would love to see it as I have yet to find the pelham in chocolate color guccissima. I've only seen black and white. Thanks!
  11. Great stuff you bought, Aniko!

    I am thinking of getting myself a Damier Canvas Speedy 30 (Azur) too! BUT... I am also hopelessly in love :love: with Monogram Canvas Neverfull GM and Monogram Vernis Roxbury Drive (in white). This baguette bag is just so breathtakingly chic and gorgeous!!!!! I can't stop thinking about these bags (I even dreamt about them last night!!!) and my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy! :shrugs:

    Before I set my eyes on these LV bags, I must say I am a Gucci fanatic but the Gucci SA has recently put me off with her lousy customer service! :cursing: But still, I am drooling over :drool: the 'joy' medium boston bag with off-white guccissima leather, off-white leather trim and light gold hardware! I have also fallen in love with the 'D gold' medium hobo bag!

    :girlsigh:, I wish I could own all of these bags right now! :hysteric:

    Which bag do you guys think I should splurge on? :wondering

    By the way, I have just bought a Lancel handbag last week... It's probably not as hot / well known as Gucci / LV but hey, it's seriously not bad at all! It's super chic and I love it! Maybe I will take a picture and post it here soon.
  12. pelham all the way :heart: the horsebit is nice too as an alternative but it just keeps sliding off my shoulders :sad:
  13. Well maybe you can get all 3 :graucho: I know the med punch bags show up at the outlets quite often and they are priced at almost half off or very very close! The horsebit is also at the outlets as well, but not in the guccissima leather [just reg leather]. so that might be an option for you. I :heart: the pelham but the straps doesn't stay on my shoulders for me.