Guccissima knockoff probability

  1. I'm curious how many of you have seen Guccissima leather knockoffs. I just ordered the Princy in Chocolate Guccissima and I would think that there would be fewer copies of that material than the canvas and the smooth leather. I know there are always knockoffs, but you'd think it would be harder to do well and more expensive therefore less likely. :shrugs: What do you all think?
  2. There are plenty of Guccissima knockoffs, believe me. And they don't cost a lot more to make than the monogram ones since labor and materials are so cheap in those developing countries.

    I heard that even Italy has tons of knockoffs selling on the street too.
  3. i've seen plenty of guccissima fakes on eBay and elsewhere on the web; they do exist
  4. If you got it from Bluefly then you are safe. I got my Brown Princy Hobo from them and it is real.

    What did you get? Pleasse post photos
  5. I go the same thing beljwl. I haven't recevied it yet. Probably sometime next week. I was so excited when I was typing in my info that I accidentally put in my cell phone number instead of my home number. As a result, the billing got held up a day. It should ship on Monday. I cannot wait!! I've actually never seen the guccissima in person. The only store near me is Saks and the Cabazon outlet, but neither have a wide array of the Guccissima.
  6. Someone in another thread said that she saw this bag (brown Princy Hobo) at the Gucci Outlet in NJ. I think it was in the thread Upset:sad: Check out the end of that thread.
  7. You live near the outlet!? Lucky you! I live 500 miles away.
  8. Sorry to go off track here.... Your doggie is gorgeous Beljwl.
  9. Depending on what you like, it can be hit or miss. I personnally don't like a lot of the patterned bags and that is mostly what Cabazon has. They rarely have the Guccissima or Gucci canvas...actually I've never seen a bag at that store that I just had to have. Although I always look whenever I'm there.
  10. I agreed w/ you. Last time I went to the Cabazon outlet I got my first Guccissima in Lavendar and a pink abbey, so I guess it was a hit. I did saw a lot of denim and florals, those seasonal items.
  11. i have seen fake guccissima leather... for me the difference would be the edges of the stamping. the fake ones look really hard and slighty thicker while the real ones have finer edges.

    And guess what! i even saw a faje gucci bangle watch!!!! it's about $200. The difference is in the stamping of the GG logos, the fake looks thicker and are stamped deeper
  12. Thanks for the great observation gilbyc!
  13. Thanks kavnadoo