Guccissima horsebit

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  1. A friend of mine was describing a Guccissima horsebit that she saw with the horsebit design embossed on the purse. The thought of it intrigued me but I could not find this design on the Gucci website. Does anyone know about this style, if so could you please post pictures?
  2. ^^^^Yeah, I looked at those. It's not on those sites either. Maybe she was hallucinating...:shrugs:
  3. Did she see it recently? I know they had some last season.
  4. She said that she saw some lady walking through the mall with it and she stopped and asked her what it was and the lady told her that she purchased it from
  5. :yes: Yes! I believe that's what she was talking about. She said it was a brownish color and had gold hardware. I don't know if that one is real or not but it's pretty. Thank you for posting that picture!
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