GUCCISSIMA hobo pics!! Chocolate brown, etc....!!!

  1. Hi! Please show off those BEAUTIFUL chocolate Guccissima bags!! Horsebit hobos!

    Other colours accepted ;)....

    I saw a brown med. guccissima chain hobo yesterday, but can't remember who's it is!! A close up pic of it open.....
  2. Wow so many threads on this hobo lol Actually I think a lot of our members have brown guccissima but maybe not in the horsebit style... beljwl has the hobo in 2 colors!
  3. LOL I know, I'm obsessed :p
  4. Here are my Guccissima's.




  5. beljwl- Love your guccissimas!!! Especially the ivory!
  6. wow, great guccissima collection! btw, your dog is adorable!!
  7. I don't have brown guccissima, but have a white and a black one in my small Gucci collection. I am definitely going to get a chocolate brown one in the near future. :p

  8. Thanks, but I actually returned the Ivory one recently. I was not happy with it. I loved the bag but... It is hard to totally explain but here is the best way to describe it. It is sort of like a white tennis shoe. How when you first buy it, it looks really nice. But as you wear it, it gets wrinkles and dirt gets in it and no matter what you do it still looks dirty. Well, that is what was starting to happen after just a few days of using it.

    They let me exchange it for the last photo the rust hobo.

    I love Brown and Black Guccissima just not white

  9. Thanks

  10. Love your collection
  11. Thank you! :flowers:
    I love yours too!!! And, your dog is so cute... :love:
  12. Great Collections.
  13. Your white guccissima is one of my favorite Gucci bags! I'm jealous ;)
  14. Wonderful Collection!
  15. And here's mine...
    gucci.JPG gucci1.JPG gucci2.JPG