Guccissima hobo on bluefly

  1. I love the brown guccissima! It's really a nice leather! I have a tote with this leather and love it!
  2. It's gone, did one of the fellow Gucci fans on this forum grab it?
  3. I have it. I'm debating. There was a tote too but someone has it. DAMN!
  4. I bought it.
  5. Yeah!!! I got one too. ;)
  6. I really wanted that tote but since I hadn't gotten anything from the Guccissima line I decided to get it. Now I have to practice self-control until the sell in June. I just brought a Chole Kerala the other day.
  7. Do you know how big a discount you normally get in the Gucci June sale? You still need to pay tax on it which you don't do with a Bluefly purchase. Should I check for sales or go to the store? Is it early June?


    BTW - if you needed the tote for a specific reason that's fine but I think the hobo is classier. I love the Jackie O hobos. Did you get the tote or the hobo?
  8. are the gucci's real on bluefly? =)
  9. Yes. It looks like they happened on a bad batch of Balenciagas (as in, fake) but Bluefly is 100% legit and has been around since the beginning of ecommerce.
    I know because I bought from them wayyyyy back when :biggrin:

    They don't put security tags on their items so it is entirely possible someone could return a fake anything and it could get put back in stock.
  10. Yeah the recent Balenciaga saga on Bluefly is troubling but I have bought a few Guccis from them and they are all legit. Personally I think with the additional 10, 15% on top of the Bluefly discount, no sales tax, and rebates from Internet rebate websites, you can score a super good deal.
  11. yikes, what was the recent bluefly balenciaga saga gals?
  12. Check out the threads on bluefly in the Balenciaga section, search for 'bluefly' and you will pull up tons of posts, especially from last Friday, and Sat. Apparently our fellow board members determined that the BBags on bluefly from Friday were all fakes. Some of them contacted bluefly but were told the bags were authentic. Check it out.
  13. geez, i can't believe we can't even trust bluefly anymore :sad: ...from now on, i'm only buying hi-end designer bags from department stores & designer boutiques.