Guccissima Hobo - Discoloration/Rubbing Off?

Jan 28, 2010
Sorry I dont have any pics to post (yet) but hoping someone has seen or heard of my issue. Bought a Guccissima large black tote a couple years ago from the Gucci Outlet and I quickly started noticing a weird discoloration in some spots - like the black has a turned a gold metallic like color.

It does not seem ( but not totally impossible) that it is rubbing off on clothes or something. Just random spots where the black handbag has turned a different color.

Any tips, ideas, etc??

Jan 28, 2010
I wonder if t's not colour rubbing off but something that's got on the bag?
Hmmmm, the only thing is that as time goes on, I see more that one spot. I will try to post a pic today as well. ( i know its hard trying to imagine this mystery rubbing):smile:


So, pretty...
Jul 9, 2007
I've seen it before. I think it's an issue with the dye. I"m not sure how to fix it though. My neice recently had this problem with a black Prada. Fortunately, she hadn't had the bag for long, so the store took it back.
May 15, 2009
I had the same problem with my blue hobo I brought it in 2005 and color rub off of the corners. I went to gucci and they said they could dye it but the color will not be the same.