Guccissima Color Question - HELP!

  1. Hey ladies, i posted this in the gucci subforum, but activity's been a little slow there, and i need just a general opinion on colors of bags that i'm interested in.

    i bought a chocolate guccissima bouvier bag and am thinking of exchanging it for another color - rusty. you'll see the bouvier bag in the first pic in the rusty color.

    i'm also thinking of getting the shoulder tote in the chocolate guccissima as well b/c i do like the chocolate color and the shoulder tote is only available in choco and black, not rusty.

    the Gucci SA said that the rusty is harder to match clothes with while the choco due to its black and brown tones goes with everything.

    what to do? please let me know your opinions! thanks!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. The rust is like a deep burgundy/red. Very beautiful IRL.

    I have a bag in the chocolate and I love it. It actually has a burgundy hue depending on the lighting.

    Both are beautiful and the leather holds up so much nicer than the lambskin. I have lambskin too and I can see some minor scratches on it.

    Good luck.