Guccisma Wallet quality?

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing a guccisma leather wallet. Before I make the purchase, I would like to find out what do you think of guccisma? Does it scratch very easily or get old very easily? Do you think this will last a long time? Thanks!
  2. moppie, I have the Chocolate Guccissima wallet and love it. I think this will hold up much better than the lambskin. I have a lambskin and I got it after the other wallet and it's showing signs of wear already.
  3. ^ which one do you have?
    there's one i'm eyeing..... also in chocolate!
  4. I have a guccissima wallet as well....I posted pics of it already in the 'accessories' thread..Love it...It is very stylish and durable...Go for it!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  5. My chocolate guccissima wallet is from the Princy collection. I love it!
  6. the guccissima's quality is way up there! top of the line! so no worries. ;)