Gucci's New Blondie Line!!!

  1. Is now available at Saks. There were 4 sizes available and I went home with this hobo style one (this being the smallest size) :yahoo: The leather is so soft and I just :love: it.
    Blondie.jpg Blondie.3.jpg Blondie.4.jpg Blondie.2.jpg
  2. ooooh! That's purty!
  3. I love that color. I have a black one on special order in the boston bag style. Congrats.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. I was trying to restrain myself from that bag! It's gorgeous! Love the hobo style.
  5. Thank you for the nice comments!

    aprild: that sounds gorgeous! I haven't seen that one. I may just have to go to Gucci :graucho:
  6. Great bag! Love that color contrast!
  7. the color is soooooo beautiful. congratulations.
  8. It's a georgous bag.
  9. oo i love it!!!
  10. i''ve seen that too last week in the sotre, it's so pretty! congrats!! :biggrin:
  11. Great bag.....congrats!
  12. So beautiful! Congrats I love the green and red stripes, I'll have to check this collection out!
  13. I am loving the new blondie line! And your bag is absolutely fabulous! The leather looks so buttery soft- and the color is TDF! Congratulations!
  14. Thank you ALL! I can't wait to take her out :tender:
  15. Oh! Thats very pretty! Love the colors :heart: