Gucci's Got Bling!!!!!

  1. Ok, so I'm madly in love and deeply obsessed w/ my new pup, Gucci:heart::heart:. I bought her a very fashionable rhinestone collar and my neighbor bought her a rhinestone "G" tag for it. I wish the pics were better. Of course, I couldn't resist throwing in some other pics of my baby. Seriously, she's sooo cute I could plotz!!!

  2. omg Shu, Gucci is BEAUTIFUL! her coloring is just perfect!
  3. Your puppy is soooo cute. It looks like her legs and feet are too big for her body. LOL
  4. I love her...
  5. What kind of doggie is she? She is sooo cute!
  6. At the shelter they said she was a black and tan Coon Hound mixed w/ other stuff.
  7. Bling! I love it!
  8. She's so cute!
  9. Aww, I can't see any pictures. :cry:
  10. OMG so adorable.
  11. Aww wordbox - that's so weird that you can't see the pics! I'm not sure why that happens.:confused1:

  12. That is to cute!!

    your puppy is adorable!
  13. OMG! If that dog gets any cuter, it would be illegal in most states!! :tender:

    DH has joked with me about getting Gracie an Hermes collar. Yeah right! Gracie is a pretty low-maintenance kinda gal, unlike her Mommy. She's perfectly happy with her Dollar General Store collar.
  14. AWWWW! That's sooooo adorable. Cute little doggy!!
  15. Aww, I can see them now! SO CUTE!