Gucci's Authentication policy??

  1. I'm a little upset right now.

    I received a Gucci Britt medium tote from today. I drove all the way to the Gucci boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to ask them to authenticate the bag.

    The SA told me that is it against their policy to authenticate a bag not purchased at Gucci, Saks or NM. I asked if the same holds true for their Costa Mesa, CA boutique. She replied, "yes." I asked if it was JUST a Los Angeles policy because I had heard stories of other Gucci stores authenticating bags often.

    She told me that it is against ALL Gucci boutiques' policies to authenticate a bag.

    I don't think she was telling me the truth and it upset me that I took the time to drive all the way to the store to be denied:cursing: .

    Is this true? Is Gucci NOT supposed to authenticate bags??
  2. Thanks emald much appreciated!
  3. You're welcome! Sorry, you drove all that way and they wouldn't look at it. Several members have purchased Gucci from Bluefly recently and have said it is authentic, so I don't think you need to be concerned, but you can always post pictures under authenticate this.