Gucci's Answer To Monogram Miroir

  1. So... what do you gals (and guys) think?

    I know most of us have a bias towards Louis but try to give your honest opinion. Do you like it better than the Miroir?
    NMV00UM_mn.jpg NMV00UN_mn.jpg NMV00UP_mn.jpg
  2. I kinda like it. Doesn't seem as shiny as the Miroir.
  3. I can't say I like it better than LV, but I am a little biased. :love: I do like it though!
  4. I like it as well. I've heard it feels plusher than the Mirroir too.
  5. I like them both.
  6. I like Gucci's MORE than LV's
  7. i still like LV Miroir, LV all the, unless Chanel came up w/similar? *dash*
  8. me too!
    i love that big tote!
  9. I like the Gucci Better!!!
  10. i like the gucci better than the mirroir in this case, seems more appropriate to se verdaynand less flashy for some reason
  11. I like the Gucci line a lot. I still like LV though. :love:
  12. I like the appearance of the material a little better...but the styles don't beat LV =)
  13. i like the first shoulder bag, but in general i like the vuitton better (if i had to pick!) mostly because i love the way the vuitton flashes more, like aluminum foil!
  14. i'm loving that! and i pretty much detest the miroir.
  15. i agree with "karman". i do like gucci's mirror design more but i like the shapes of LV more, more classic