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  1. Can't see the photo. Copy the URL link and we'll be able to see it.
  2. Huh?
  3. no, the link brings me to your login screen
  4. =( Let me try again.
  5. Yes, the bag looks good to me. I used to own this bag. The biggest give-away between the real and fake is the shape. The fake ones are a bit smaller and the bottom is more narrow and small in shape. Plus, the inside tag checks out.
  6. Oh, ok. Thanks. I was so sure it was fake. I hid it in the closet. lol The relative who gave it to me was really elderly, she's dead now :cry:, and believe stuff vendors sold was real.
  7. I concur. By the way, nice nails!
  8. Thank you! :biggrin: They kinda got in the way because they're long and the inside of the purse was dark. hehe I was afraid you guys would think them too long and ugly. :shame: Thank you. :amuse:
  9. I think your nails look gorgeous. I wish I could have them that long. They always get in my way.
  10. ^^^Thank you. :amuse: I've had them long for a few years now. It just takes a bit to get used to them. Everyone always look at me like :weird: when I type infront of them. lol