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  1. Hello. What do you think of this bag? I saw it today at the store and thought it's very cute. But do you think it's too girly and I'll be bored of it by the end of the summer? Or do you think I should go for more classic ones? Please advise!

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  2. I love it, I think it's so fun and flirty. I was actually thinking about buying the smaller pochette version of the pink and white Gucci, but I definitely think what you've picked out is much more practical.

    I don't see it being anything really other than a spring-summer bag though, I would probably not wear it during the colder months.
  3. It's a cute bag, but I know I would get tired of the pink--but I'm just not a pink purse kinda girl...

    If you like that particular shape, BR has some "inspired" looks that come in black and brown leather and a pattern style... They're not as fun as the pink Gucci. But definitely easier on the wallet.
  4. If you like this style then maybe you'd like this.... I don't like the pink color on this style...

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  5. i really like the pink bag! except i'm a pink/bright colors kinda person and i would use it for a long time.
  6. it's gorgeous! but that's only because i love pink. i also love the one pursegalsf posted. the pink one seems like a spring/summery type of bag to me whereas the reg monogram can work with any season.
  7. that's a cute bag! i was contemplating that bag in the store too! but again, the uncoated canvas issue steered me away.

    i want the wristlet though frmo that collection! i can't find it anywhere! i'd take either the pink or blue!!
  8. I am not really a pink person myself, but it is a personal choice. It can be very sweet on the right person. I personally perfer leather or other skin bags. But, that's me. I am also not a fan of Coach's little Cs and LVs etc.
  9. Thanks all for your replies. i have a similar debate in my head too. For the price of this bag, I should probably get something leather which will be much more longlasting than canvas (thanks blushingbaby for reminding me it's uncoated -- it never crossed my mind!!). How 'bout Guccissima? Or the white ones? Thanks

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  10. hi essential :biggrin:
    i'd say goooooooooooo for classic.. they last longer!!!
    but if u ever craved for pink.. there are many pinks out their that i think waaaay enjoyable than this one..;)

    about the last two u posted.. i looooooooove the shape.. and would vote for the white one..:love: i think its crispy fresh!! << what kind of a compliment is that!! loooool :P
    all what i am saying.. is that it looks so up to date!! fashionable yet classicaly profissional!!

    another idea:
    if u are still browsing gucci.. keep comming up with comparisions.. u never know what you might consider ;)
  11. I like the white Boston Bag, I would get the small boston though.
  12. i agree
  13. Although the pink bag it cute, I think you should definitely go with something more classic.
  14. Thank you guys for the comment. I personally quite love the boston bag as I have my eyes on it since it was first launched. But I was a bit hesitant because it isn't a big "wow" bag as some others (like Paddington... oh who doesn't love a paddy right?). I'll keep looking for awhile. Any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks.
  15. When I bought my gucci cargo, I was actually going to Neimans to get the pink tote. They didn't have it but teh SA told me I'd have to be very careful w/ it becaus ethey get dingy looking fast.
    But I ADORE pink bags, this one is no exception!