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Nov 7, 2007
I bought this in the 80s from a neighbor I trusted...and paid plenty for it. She had purchased it for her daughter-in-law as a graduation from law school gift, and then the two split and the ungrateful brat returned it to her. It was not big enough to carry my daily things to work, but I used it for job interviews and carried it only a handful of times, never even locked it, for fear of losing the key! It has a gold embossed "made in Italy by Gucci" -- not a leather tag and the stitching, and leather etc. are perfect.


I want to make sure if it is authentic, as I believe it to be, I don't give it away. I don't want to have a yard sale...and well, now there is Ebay, where I have posted it with a starting bid of $9.95. I have taken some additional photos, and the interior isn't nylon, but seems like a heavy cotton blend of some kind in the zipped pocket and one side, and the other side is a fine, soft, supple leather.
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