Gucci zippers

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  1. Has Gucci always had "gucci" engraved on the underside of their zippers (if the purse has a zipper)? All of the Gucci's that I have are engraved with "gucci", but I have an older one that I bought on eBay a while ago and I still to this day debate it's authenticity. It has Lampo on the bottom of it's zipper.

  2. mine doesnt have gucci under the zipper but its just the inside pocket there isnt a zip on the top, however my mothers does! but my bag is authentic so...
  3. So is it never a leather zipper?Are they always a Lampo type zipper?I always see some with leather zipper pulls and I wonder if those are fakes?Can you tell I don't know real from fake?

  4. i dont understand what you mean sorry? i mean my zipper has a leather tag as the pull with gucci embossed on it but underneath the zipper there is no gucci embossed into the metal hardware its just blank. however my zipper isnt one to close the bag its just an inside zipper for a pocket. My mums zipper on the other hand has a leather pull without gucci embossed on it and has gucci embossed on the underside of the metal zip. KWIM?
  5. Yes, some did have lampo on the zipper.
  6. Sorry I confused you.Now I see what your saying but what I was asking was if the pull suppose to always be leather and so you've answered it for me.

    Like for instance this bag eBay: GUCCI Sand 07198 Pochette bag handbag 2007 (item 320082824171 end time Feb-24-07 13:09:25 PST)

    I don't own a Gucci piece yet and one of the factors has been the zipper cause I don't know how it suppose to be.I hope I hadn't hijacked your thread but I wanted to ask someone that owns Gucci.

    Heck I think this is fake anyway cause this person has three of them.

  7. hey dont be silly you didnt hijack anything!
    im no gucci expert so i cant tell you if its fake or real however if your unsure *but double check before buying anything* post the link in the authenticate this section at the top of the thread and the many gucci experts would be happy to help you out im sure :smile:
  8. Thanks....No I was just using that as an example but I will post that thought about the zipper issue I have with determining if its real or not.I'm not seasoned like this experts on here so I'm not going to take the Gucci plunge just yet,lol.

  9. (Gucci on underside of zipper)some do and some don't. It depends on the style, year, factory of gucci's that produced it. The new gucci that I have seen have gucci on the underside. Main zipper and or inside zipper. I would have it authenticated no matter what if your buying online. Unless of course you go strait to gucci ;)
  10. My mums zipper on the other hand has a leather pull without gucci embossed on it and has gucci embossed on the underside of the metal zip. KWIM?
    This is exactly what my new medium chain horsebit hobo is like too:heart:
    On my new medium "Abbey" shoulder there is a leather pull without gucci embossed on it but at the other end of the zipper there is a snap closure that snaps and closes over the last little bit of the zipper to the bag and on the other side of the snap is gucci embosed into it.
  11. I am looking at buying a Gucci Bag online and want to make sure it is authentic before going ahead... I have a serial number but it has a H then a 7 digit number.. I called Gucci and they said there should be a number before the H... also does gucci have zipper protecters on metal purses when you buy them... I am so green when it comes to Gucci and love the make but want to investigate as much as possible.
    Thanks for you time
  12. Post pics or link to the bag you have in question here and someone will help you with authentication.
  13. Please tell me how to distinguish the fake Lampo from the real Lampo.
    I have a leather hobo gucci handbag, my mom's has a canvas with GG Gucci handbag. but the word,"Lampo" on the back of the zipper is different. please tell me whether the word: Lampo on the Gucci zipper is different sometimes. Thanks:yahoo:
  14. Is Lampo same on any gucci handbag? the word on my mom's gucci bag is different from mine

  15. To paraphrase our darling flipchick

    Post pics to your bag/s in 'Authenticate This GUCCI' and someone will be bound to help you.