Gucci Zip around card case vs LV Zippy coin purse

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  1. Hi all!

    Just wondering if any of you lovely people happen to have the gucci zip around card case or LV zcp (or both!) and can do a comparison of the two? I've been scrounging the internet for a comparison of both but having a hard tme finding anything :/ If you guys do know of a thread comparing the two please let me know?

    I mainly carry 4 cards on a daily basis but probably carry up to 10 when shopping (store cards). I need a compact wallet that carries cash and coins (need them for bus/gym). Looking for a wallet that fits in LV pochette nm and gucci disco which I'm looking to add to my collection soon :graucho: I've been looking at the zcp for AGES but don't want it in the canvas but can't justify myself spending so much on a small wallet so then I found the gucci ziparound card case in pink which is a bit more affordable (luxury brands speaking :P)

    Would greatly appreciate the help!

    The two compact purses stuck between:
    Empreinte zcp (£345):

    Gucci zip aroubnd card case (£165):
  2. I never owned the Gucci zip around card case, but I used to own the LV zippy coin purse and I didn't like it. The reason was because it had a lot of compartments, which seems convenient but it made fitting things really tight. You really couldn't fit too much in there unless you stretched out the wallet (which I don't like to do). I got a really cheap card case from Kate Spade and I like it so much better than my expensive LV ZCP, lol (which I later sold).

    Just from comparing the two, I'd get the Gucci because it would be easier to take your cards out if needed and put more cards in, if that makes sense.
  3. Thank you for your input :smile: What print did you have your zcp in? I've watched youtube vids where people were complaining about the canvas ones being really stiff so it was difficult to take cards out and stuff- hence I opted for the empreinte which was suppose to have more give to it but so darn expensive just for a whole leather wallet I just couldn't >_<!
  4. I had it in the Damier Azur, which made me like it even less (I prefer dark colors and it was the only DA item I've ever owned). I will never own DA again, lol. :sweatdrop:

    To be honest, I don't think the canvas made the wallet stiff, it's the actual construction of the ZCP. You can't open it wide due to the side gussets and the interior is all leather inside, which never got soft because it's treated leather. Ironically I LOVE the zippy wallet (which I own), and I thought I would love the zippy coin purse, but it was not practical for me.

    I think if you want to try to compare the Gucci zip around compact with a LV SLG, maybe a LV multicartes would be better. I would have much rather owned that than the ZCP.
  5. I have the Gucci card case and like the separate compartments. I use one for cash one for my credit cards and the last one for my ID and less frequently used stuff. The wallet opens wide and each compartment can fit allot of cards even though I only put 4 Max in each. I bought it as a small wallet for my smaller purses and it's worked out well. It's spacious and easy to take stuff out and put in.
  6. Hi thank you for replying! I love the colour of your card case! I can only seem to find the light pink on the website, is it from a previous season? I'm planning to put cards in one, cash in the middle and coins in the third compartment. How much coins would you say fit in one compartment? I heard the dividers aren't sewed to the bottom of the purse so if you put change it can slide around inside? But if I put cards and stuff in the other compartments hopefully it would help that?
  7. Hi
    I don't usually carry coins but it should be able to hold a decent amount. Yes the bottoms are not sewn tight so it could cause the coins to shift. I tried to take pics of the inside. This is the one I have:

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  8. ^I actually think this Gucci wallet would be a much better option than the LV ZCP. I didn't think the ZCP was good for coins, either. It was really tight.

    Not trying to be a downer, I love LV but the ZCP I was only in love with for like a year until I realized I was forcing myself to use the darn thing.
  9. Hi thanks for this! The photo is really helpful!
  10. No no not at all! I truly appreciate your honest opinion :smile: It's so difficult trying not to get all caught up in getting an item that everybody has but it's not practical for yourself. I don't think any of the compact wallets Lv does are "coin" friendly. Except the coin purse but you can't really put cards in there. Haven't realised how difficult it is to find one that fits all the stuff I need without hassle and this Gucci card case seem to fit the bill :smile: Why don't you invest in one too :P?
  11. i sold my LV ZCP because the coins moving around in it was driving me nuts too.

    Why not consider the empreinte Cles? I use mine as a small wallet, cards and folded bills in the main compartment, and the zippered pocket for coins. perfect:smile:
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  12. Lol, maybe in the future. I just bought another pair of Gucci shoes, so I need to be in save mode :cool: :lol:
  13. No. Do a referral if you end up getting one!! &#128512;&#128512;

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  14. Hi, I've actually considered empreinte cles too! I was but sure how much coins I could have in the back zipper cause it seemed like you can only fit flat things ie cards. Would you be able to take a picture of your cles with coins in the zipper pocket if that's not too much trouble along with everything else you carry in it?
    Thanks :smile:
  15. I have 2 sizes of the Gucci zip-round. I also have the square zip-round change purse,

    I use the smaller card case most days but just for cards. I honestly don't think they're great for coins.