Gucci XL leather mini bag!

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  1. I'm kinda liking this bag right now can anyone share your pics? And what you can fit in it? Thank u :smile:))) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468986433.866721.jpg
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  4. @danniela I think you will rock-it!

    The big tote version I'm not such a fan of, but on this the logo is clean and smart (1980s iconic font logo too).

    Some of our members have these shoes and say they're very comfortable. Though I love some of the cws I would get giddy before even trying to get from A to B LOL
  5. Same the tote doesn't look very functional for daily use (think of all ur stuff in a bottomless pit lol) I'm 5'9 myself so I don't think it'll look awkward :smile: do u have the mini yourself?

    I'm too tall for the hells I'd tower over my bf. :P
  6. Smallest x-body I have is a Gucci crystal/satin 1973, but it's more like a very fancy pouch and quite cocktail. For evenings out I usually take a Gucci clutch - I certainly have enough without a new one. I can see the Logo mini converting to a clutch too :yes: keep us posted
  7. Sounds beautiful :smile: I will!