Gucci x Disney

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  1. Thoughts on this Gucci x Disney collaboration? Dropping 1/3/2020. Couldn’t find a thread on this

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  2. Very cute!
  3. anyone have intel on prices?
  4. They’re all posted on Gucci website already. Just search Disney. Here are some.

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  5. Interesting take on year of the rat.
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  6. Definitely not for me. I’ve never been a Disney fan.
  7. I like it! It is my year so I am going to have to control myself .. lol.
  8. For me it seems like a missed opportunity to be more creative! It’s cute but I would have loved more subtle nods to Disney as well, and different colours. For example, a red GG embossed bag with a silver clasp (to signify mickey’s red pants) and perhaps black mouse ears over the rim. That would’ve been so much cuter (to me)!
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  9. I grew up a disney fan, but I'mma sit this one out.

    It feels lazy.
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  10. Growing up, I loved Disney. But this collection doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe it will grow on me. It’s simply ok in my opinion. I was expecting more.
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  11. I love Disney but I agree that this was just pure laziness. They didn’t even change the Mickey pose!
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  12. I like the collection and think it is cute. I do wish however that they had a few more red colored items as its fitting for Chinese New Year. I am not a huge fan however of the smaller GG patterned items....I think a larger size would have worked better imo. Anyhow I picked up quite a few of the basics and I’m looking forward to receiving them. By the way....the packaging is absolutely beautiful (the boxes and the shopping bags) and I can’t wait to see the red envelopes!
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  13. I really like the collection but I also do go to Disneyland quite a lot. I ordered a few things online and am excited for them to come next week!
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  14. I totally agree! It’s a cute collection, but I was hoping they’d take a classic Disney icon and do something different...make it more fashionably adult-friendly. I’m a huge fan of Disney and I’m always looking for anything that shows it in a subtle or cool way, but most of the time I find everything too childish.
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  15. I liked the all-black decapitated head of Micky Mouse better, this is tame and generic.
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