Gucci wristlet..does anyone have? And should i buy this one??

  1. HI!

    Has anyone got a small gucci bag with a wristlet?
    I would like to see some pics..

    I found this lovely bag, which is from summer2007 collection..
    I love it but i can not decide shall I buy it..

    help please:smile:
  2. i have the acron print wristlet from sum 06. i love it!!!! i love using it when i go out! heres a link to my stylediary which has a pic. sorry the picture is kinda small. :smile:

  3. the link goes to the main page...can not see your bag..
  4. it's cute if you LOVE the wristlet or would wear it by it self often....ive actually thought about getting that excat same one because i LOVE the signature ribbon, but decided agaisnt it....IMO id rather put the 400 towards another purse!

    Hehe...hey, im about to start law school soon and i have to be frugal once in a while ;)

    but i honestly love it, i always wanted one so i can put my keys and phone in it, i always seem to lose them in the bottom of my huge gucci bag haha :smile:

    if you LOVE it and would wear it often go for it, if its just gonna waste away at the bottom of ur one will see it and ull be out 400 bucks

    (btw, my friend just read this over my shoulder and started laughing, she didnt ever think shed see the day where id tell someone else to save money...hahahah wow you guys have taught me alot on this forum! THANKS!)

    show us pictures if u decide to get it!!! :smile:
  5. The price is only 192 dollars (162euro) from raffaello it wouldn´t even be expensive IF it´s authentic..

    i´m not sure about that webshop..but maybe i give a´s so lovely bag. and i love wristlets, they are just made for me!
  6. i will post a pic when i get at work right now :graucho:
  7. oh for 200 thats tottally not bad! and i would tottallllllllllllly go for it!!!! On the website/in the store its 400 and that made me go :amazed:!!!!

    And if you wear wristlets go for ittttttttt!!! Im one of those chicks that needs a waterbottle (hey i live in az!), her cell phone, wallet and keys whereever i go...and momma KNOWS u cant fit a watterbottle in a wristlet heeh :smile:

    so not to sound like peer pressure or anything....but DO IT DO IT DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!! :smile:
  8. heres a pic of my gucci clutch :smile:

  9. Very cute.
  10. Very cute!
  11. Get it if you know what you will use it for. I think its a decent price.