Gucci wouldn't give me a shopping bag.

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  1. I bought my bag 2 years ago and whenever I am not using it i store it in the shopping bag it came with, in my closet. Well that bag tore so I called Gucci and they said they would give me one, but when I went there today the "supervisor" said it was store policy that they can not give out shopping bags. :sad:
  2. hmm thats annoying. could you have showed them the ripped bag told them that you normally store it in the bag in your closet?
  3. I'm assuming you mean the fabric dustbag..?
    I would try what candy said and see if bringing in the bag and asking for a replacement helps.
  4. I told them that I use it to store it but still he said no, and I no longer have the bag that tore I threw it away.
  5. No, not the dust bag. I have that. I mean the paper bag that they give you when you buy at the store.
  6. Hmm...maybe because these bags are sold on ebay?

    How about buying / using a fun color "shopping bag" from a Hallmark or something?
  7. It's most likely to prevent people from stealing. Someone would get a free bag from any store and put stuff in the bag without purchasing. That's what I was told.
  8. It's weird just going in asking for a bag even though you got something long time ago. They don't give out bags without purchases because people could just use them to sell with fakes or whatnot. I lost my dustbag and I was even willing to buy another one but they don't sell them either.
  9. I think you have to purchase something in order to get a bag. They just don't hand out shopping bags. If you just store it in the dustbag it came with then it should be fine. There's really no need for the shopping bag.
  10. orrrr... you can just ask them for a they give you a bag with it and if its too small.. just have other shopping bags with u and say u want a bigger one to put everything together.. cause usually when i travel, friends always ask for the latest catalogs and when i request one, i always get a shopping bag with it... soooo... you could try that?
  11. Guess it's the perfect excuse to buy another bag?? :roflmfao:
  12. You know, I've found them to be stingy with bags, too. I got a small item at the store and they put it in a TINY bag and I asked for a bigger one (I like the feeling, plus I had other bags and I wanted to put them inside) and they said NO. I was embarassed because I had JUST 2 seconds ago purchased something and they were being snotty with me. It's the LAST TIME I bought something in that particular store. SHEESH.
  13. I think ebay generally always has bags on auction....