Gucci-woodbury Outlet In Ny

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  1. Hi there, I have never been to the woodbury outlet before in ny. I am driving there for the day and was wondering if anyone can tell me how the stock is like there at the gucci outlet. Do they ever carry the monogram (gg logo) gucci bags in store or is it hit and miss?! Any help would be great because i really want to get a bag there!!
  2. i have been there once and i don't really remember it that much but they did have monogrm gucci bags there. good luck on your hunt!
  3. It's going to be hit or miss....good luck, let up know what you buy! Also, if you decide after you leave on something you wanted to buy -they are AWESOME about doing phone orders!!! I have ordered from them over the phone, not knowing exactly what I was buying and when the wallet for example arrived, it came just as the SA described it to me!! You'll find some awesome deals - share with us some of them and the prices!!!
  4. I've always heard it is hit or miss as well.
  5. I know that the one in Cabazon, CA is more miss than hit.:tdown: I have never been to the Woodbury Common one. I am hoping to on my next visit to NY in Sept. :yahoo:
  6. I went this past weekend & the bags didnt really appeal to me-it wasnt a big selection and I dont recall many monogram bags but alot of cute clothes! I think the Dior one is the best there but hopefully you will find something at Gucci!
  7. ohhh i bought a dior bathing suit for $100 originally $350! so cheap!(sorry off the subject) :yahoo:
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