Gucci Westman's Boots in Harpers Bazaar Page 169

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  1. Does anyone know what brand they are? Gucci Westman is married to one of the Rag & Bone designers and she's wearing a pair of boots that I just love. But she's not sharing! Harpers simply says they are "her own". If anyone has the new Harpers and knows, I would love to get them or something close. Thanks!:smile:
  2. Oh my gosh I am also obsessed with these. They look like Rag and bone but they are not from the f/w collection. Who knows? I must find out who makes these.
  3. You're not alone, I tore out the picture, I might check at Neimans to see if they recognize them. I tried emailing Harpers but the webmaster email address bounces back. I think they look like Rag and Bone too but she's his wife, wouldn't she promote and say they were?
  4. I am thinking they may be a past season and that is why she would not promote them?? Not sure. If you find out what they are please let me know.
  5. I found out from Harpers that they are Rag and Bone. It is probably not current though.
  6. Way to go and that makes sense. So now I have the picture and will look for boots that are similar, sort of a fun project. I can tell you that Neimans didn't have anything but they were down to the very last pair of the new Chloe' wedge boot. I tried it on and sooo cute. And Tod's had a cute pair although not the dark brown, more a light tan. These are all lace up styles with a heel.
  7. Both of those sound very nice and probably better made. The Rag and Bone shoes are all made in China, but they are probably half the price of Chloe.
  8. Does anyone have a photo of the pair of boots you all are talking about? I wanna see~ :smile:
  9. Brigitte, I don't have a scanner, I wish I did, but it's in the October Harpers Bazaar page 169 which is out right now.

    It takes me longer to get on board with what looks cute for the new season, especially Fall where so much new comes out, but I'm loving the lace up boots with heels. Some are super macho which I can't pull off, but some are just right and I like these. It seems the shoppers who were paying attention bought up all the lace up boots because my size seems to be sold out in everything.