Gucci website

  1. Hi, When I order from there where is the bag comming from (so I know if I want to do 2 day shipping or not)? Also, do there charge the sales tax for the State you live in?
  2. I can't remember where they came from (didn't pay attention! I was too excited just to GET the package :smile:), but I did upgrade to 2nd day one time, and over night another (still took 2-3 days when paying for overnight)... When I did the 2 day, it still took like 5 days, because the 2 day is AFTER the 'processing' time, which they say to allow 2-3 days. I'm in TX, by the way, and yes I did pay Sales tax.
  3. I just got a bag from & it came from New Jersey. I live in NY so I got in the next day with the ground shipping. They also did charge me sales tax for the state I live in (NY).
  4. i think they have free shipping right now
  5. I don't think I was charged with tax so I imagine it depends on where you live or if they do business there? We don't have a Gucci store in WA. I also took advantage of their free shipping promo which I think they have right now. It only took about a week; I didn't mind waiting.
  6. It depends if there is a Gucci store located in your state. If there is you will pay sales tax. If there is not then you do not have to pay sales tax.
  7. ^^^ why is that? i'm just curious. why does having a gucci store affect the sales tax?
  8. because its all about where gucci has to pay tax...if they have to pay tax they pass on a certain amount of tax onto you...if there is no store in ur state then they dont have to pay tax therefore you wont have to pay tax :smile:
  9. The should ship it for free now.
  10. They shipped mine from NJ and I was charged no sales tax. They also upgraded me to free overnight shipping for some reason. I ordered it late afternoon and it was at my door the next day, I couldnt believe it!