Gucci Website

  1. Is it just me or does the Gucci website not show the prices for their stuff anymore? If its not just me anyone know why its like that now?
  2. Did you click on the item you were interested in? If you click on it, it shows the prices
  3. yea i actually clicked on the item but this is all that shows up.

  4. Oh, ok. I think it is because prices are only shown if you click on one of the countries that has the online shopping.

    ETA: It looks like you are looking at them under all other countries and that is for countries where they do not have the online shopping available.
  5. PUHAHAHA!!!~ ok how dumb of me!!~ lol. thanks. i didn't realize i was browsing through gucci with the link that was provided in gucciabbey's thread. T_T