Gucci website order/waitlist ?

  1. How does the online Wait List work, I waitlisted for a bag back in November, I can barely even remember which one it was...

    Email confirmation says they would let me know if the order couldn't be fulfilled but has anyone else had problems with this before, do they ever send you the bags, why does it take so long???????

    Now i'm not sure I like it that much...:crybaby:

    Ok, I remember now, it was this one
  2. I am curious myself how this works. Like that piece says it will be shipped between these dates... some go as far as almost 6 months! so I give them my CC informaiton and when they do ship it, they just charge it and voila thats it?
  3. Basically, that's how it goes. I got on the waitlist; about a month later I got a note with a tracking number. Goes right on the credit card; so if you don't want it, better cancel it now. They don't charge it unless they ship it.
  4. Yes, they pretty much just charge your card and let you know it has shipped.

    If you've decided you don't like it anymore, just call and cancel your order.
  5. *sigh* i'm on the waitlist for the military style cap. it could ship as late as middle of march. hope it comes soon
  6. mmm, i've been waiting for nearly 3 months, suppose i'll just have to keep waiting...
  7. That bag is just so darn cute! I wouldn't want to wait any longer for it either!
  8. I had the same concern about an order I placed in November. So I emailed last week. They informed me that they were anxiously awaiting my order (shoes) and would let me know as soon as they come in - send me an email.
  9. ^^^They're anxious about my bag too. Got an email saying it should be abother 2-4 weeks. Does anyone know if this bag is in shops now? Maybe they just can't make them fast enough??
  10. i want my hat!! damn this wait list:rant::censor::mad:
  11. I know, annoying, isn't it :cursing:

    I love the bag in your av btw, it's so cute! It's not on the UK site otherwise I would probably have an annoyingly long wait for that too!
  12. ^^^ it is cute. but judging by the measurements - its way too small for me. i guess i'll leave it up there cuz its nice to look at lol
  13. Maybe you could try doing this:

    I wanted the princy hobo on the Gucci website but it was waitlisted for 2 months. So I called the gucci store in the state where I live and they found one in Hawaii and it was sent to my within 3-5 days. The only downfall is that you don't get a UPS tracking number.
  14. ^I agree, the stores usually have items the waitlist says is not available, so it is probably faster to try calling some stores.
  15. i am about to be on my search tomorrow at work! i will call all over the country, i need my hat to wear with my beltbag for the summer time :supacool: