Gucci - Wave Hobo

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a total newbie to this forum but I was hoping someone could help me with a question.

    I wanted to get the Gucci Wave but it isn't on the gucci website anymore. Does this mean it's discontinued?

    I haven't been to Gucci in about 10 months so I haven't been able to ask them.

  2. Yes, the wave has been discontinued. But other members have posted about seeing it at the outlets, you probably should call the outlets up.
  3. i live in canada so we don't have any outlets nearby =(

    thanks for posting and replying tho!
  4. The US outlets ship to Canada for like $45!
  5. really? that's so you have a link?
  6. no outlets do not have links, you have to call them. i wish i lived near one too!
  7. Im looking for wave hobo as well does anyone have the style # for this bag because I called the outlet and they said they need a style # to locate this bag.
  8. check the outlet thread... there are alwasy pictures posted there and reviews from recent visits. they shouldn't need the style number... there aren't THAT many outlets... I would just call each of them! :smile: Good luck.