Gucci Wave Hobo

  1. Hi, for those of you who own the wave bag, how comfortable is it to carry on your shoulder? I'm thinking about getting one, and I want to wear it on my shoulder but it looks like it might be a little tight? Thanks. M
  2. I have it in black andits extremely comfortable on the shoulder and there's plenty os space!
  3. I guess I'm just worried that it would sit really tightly right up under my armpit, if that makes any sense?? Thanks:smile:
  4. I think it depends on two things - how much stuff you carry and the size of your arms. I have large arms, so for me it was a tight fit. However, I did find that when I put a less stuff in it, it slouched more, so it was a bit more comfortable. I had it in the blue flower canvas and decided not to keep it. The leather maybe better, because it may be spfter & slouchier.
  5. I saw this bag an Neiman Marcus yesterday and it's georgous, but I couldn't wear it because of the fit under the arm issue. It would be ok for use without a coat or jacket, but with any type of bulky clothing it would be a problem for me. I'm about 5'9.