Gucci watches

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  1. Have you all seen the Gucci Twirl watches? I saw one for the first time in a recent Macy's catalogue & I'm in love! If anyone's seen them in person, are they adjustable at all? My wrist is kind of small so the watch may be too big.
    Thanks :smile:
  2. is this the sort of cuff one which has a GG imprinted all over? if so then i ADORE this wate and would love to get one but i think the face is quite small for me, i like big watch faces and have my eye on another gucci, maybe for my 18th lol
  3. What watch is that? I have a Gucci watch..It has 3 long skinny leather straps that wrap arond your wrist a couple of times..It's pretty cool..What's the 'twist?' :heart: Emmy
  4. I bought the big twirl watch and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My wrist is also pretty small and you can adjust it. Just don't know how small your wrist is but it should fit
  5. Oh thanks bhurry! My wrist isn't extremely small so I should be ok.
    That's the one gucci_girl. Emmy, it's like a big cuff with a faceplate that can rotate. It has the GG imprinted all over. SO cute!
  6. I kinda like this, but not sure if you guys are talking about this one:
  7. :love: Oh geez..That's gorgeous!! It's so chic! Now why did you have to show me a picture!!! I'd love that!! Oh well...Add it to my infinite wish list!!! If you get it please post pics of it on your wrist!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. That's it! LOVE IT! There's a larger version, but maybe a little too large IMO. Definately on my wish list too Emmy.
  9. im so in love with this watch but i dont own any gucci timepieces.

    are gucci watches worth the price? how long is its warranty? do they eventually go on sale after a few months? tia!
  10. that's a beautiful watch.:yes:
  11. OK, so now I have to have this watch!! My wish is list is getting long again....
  12. I don't think their watches go on sale. I bought one for $595 a few yrs ago & it's still the same price. Warranty probably depends where you get it, since they do have it @ MAcy's, Nordies, Gucci, etc.
  13. I love the twirl watch, but I want the fatter one. The problem is, the silver one is availabe in both sterling and stainless steel. But I want the gold one, and far as I know, its only available in 18K, which cost almost $10 grand :s If anyone has the skinny on a GOLDTONE version, please let me know!!!


    Also, I like the bamboo watch.

  14. thanks for the info.

    im going to check it out at macys next month when im done with my christmas expenses. :yes:
  15. I have the wide version of the stainless twirl watch. I love it! I rarely wear watched but I wear this one as it is more like a bracelet.