Gucci Watches?

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  1. Sorry in advance if I posted this thread in the wrong location... but I figured since I'm asking a Gucci question, ya'll wouldn't mind :smile:

    I have currently fell in love with the Gucci Twirl Watch

    I saw it on 3 different sites selling it alot cheaper that seems to have the same 2 year manufacturer's warranty

    and an unbelievable price at 978 at this website

    So my question is have any of you had any experience with those stores?

    Thanks again~
  2. if i were u id make good with the folks at Bailey Brinks and Biddle ( i think i spelled it right haha)

    I went in a few weeks ago and checked out that ring and my SA said he would give me 25% off...i didnt go for it! haha im dumb but i have 3 other gucci watches that i dont even know when i wore last!! im a bad watch mommy!!

    but try them first!!!! that way you know for SURE u are getting somehting REAL!
  3. By the way, I just got this one myself from Jomashop & I loooooooooooooooove it!
  4. Thanks for all the feedback~

    I was browsing around Jomashop and saw this...

    It sounds fishy :confused1: so I don't know if they are really selling genuine watches... anyway to tell?

    and Tifferz1978 congratz on your purchase!! I love that watch too hehe