Gucci Watches - signs of a fake???

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  1. I often see ' gucci' watches at Thrift stores etc. Most of them are obvious fakes but others - not so much.
    Are there some tell-tale signs of authenticity I can look for?
    Thanks =)
  2. the only total tell tale sight ive noticed is the "swiss made"

    I believe that is what is hould say on the bottom of the face of the watch...and it should NOT have too many spaces, just two...NOT one, it should clearly say:

    swiss made

    but u may have to look for it, like on my bamboo watch it is tinyyyy, but it's there! :smile:

    ok i just thought about the two space thing, sounds crazy...but for some reason all my gucci watches (ok i only have 4 lol) LOOK like they have two spaces hehe
  3. I'm interested in this too. I see a watch on ebay now that I like, but I'm not sure how to spot a fake watch and not sure if "authenticate this" tread can help.
  4. post it on the thread gglover!! THOSE GIRLS ARE AMAZINNGGG!
  5. Someone will always try to help if they can. I have a few Gucci watches for example so I roughly know what to look for. Also, simple things like the printing/font/spacing are things to look for. They will always be the same.
  6. im not an expect looking out for fakes gucci watches. perhaps other tpf ppl can help u.