Gucci watch

  1. i saw some gucci watches on sale and... are they well made and will they last "forever"? does anyone own one? i'd love to here your opinions! :smile:
  2. I received a Gucci watch with the bangle bracelet and interchangeable bezels for my 21st birthday. 13 years later, my 9 year old niece is now the owner and it's still running. I think the retail price back then was around $350.
  3. LOL I have that same bangle watch with the bezels. I have two Gucci watches from many years ago. I no longer wear them but they are in nice shape.
  4. I bet you bought the extra bezel sets in different colors to match every outfit, too. Right? LOL
  5. I have a Gucci bamboo bangle watch and I LOVE it! here's a pic:
    watches 009 450x337.jpg
  6. That is so funny!!! I received the same watch as a gift about 15 years ago. As well as the small round black faced gucci with black leather strap. I thought I was so cool when I wore those funny.
  7. i have three and i LOVE them all!!! they are perfect and beautiful!
  8. I have one that has lasted 10 years.
  9. I have the same watch and I always get compliments! =)
  10. I have a casual one and my hubby and I have matching watches. They have lasted for about 7 yrs. In fact my husband dropped his and broke the G off the watch. We took back to Gucci and it came back looking brand new.
  11. I have a bangle bracelet one that I got for my graduation in 2001. I still love it and wear it today.
  12. I have a Gucci circa 1986 and it's still running!

  13. Where did you see them on sale?????
  14. at timanttiset (in finland). i think the shop was moving or shuting down. they were 60% off.