Gucci Watch Size Adjustment

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  1. Hi

    I have a gucci watch right now that is too big and I need to take out some of the links. Does the gucci store do this for us? (do they charge a fee?)or do we need to bring it to another place? I am afraid it might ruin the warranty

    Thanks let me know
  2. If you had had the watch made smaller for you when you first bought the watch from Gucci (at full retail) they usually would have made it smaller for you at no extra cost

    If it was bought in the sale or from a third party you will be charged (I don't know how much). I think it's the same for outlet purchases but check if that is the case.

    If it was bought at full price and you have waited to change the sizing I'm not sure you will have to ask. The same if it was a gift.

    It won't change the terms and conditions of the warranty. The warranty is only concerned with repair if the watch doesn't live up to quality standards so no worries there.

    Talk to Gucci :excl:
  3. Sure for u that it free, lets go to the store and let them help u to make it fit ;)