Gucci wallets?

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  1. any Gucci Wallets you recommend to me? How is the material compared to LV? thanks!
  2. Hi tjasaslo

    Welcome to Gucci forum

    To clarify:

    Do you mean how are Gucci coated canvas wallets compared to LV coated canvas wallets?
  3. Hi, yes; i am wondering about the canvas and also leather; how durable are their wallets and if anyone uses them everyday how long do they stay in good shape?
  4. I've never used an LV wallet so can't compare.

    I use my Gucci compact crocodile wallet and (Guccissima change purse) everyday and it's fine, like new (purse almost like new but it is chalk coloured.

    My Guuci python is reserved for special occasions but that's just beautiful.

    I think it also depends on how one uses wallets, my BF is very hard on his
  5. MY LV coated canvas wallet, which I have had almost 3 years, looks like new. I used it every day, and at least 3-5 times a week it gets shoved in the pocket of my tennis bag. It should be showing wear...but is not. For Christmas, I recieved a small Gucci Blooms card case/wallet, which now I am using every day, with small bags. I still is somewhat stiff, and ony being 3 months old, is brand new. I have yet to see how it wears, but EVERY time I pull it out of my handbag, I am in love with it. That counts for something!
  6. I had an LV coated canvas Sarah wallet that I used daily for 5 years and it lasted until some stitching came off. It can certainly take a beating. However, I got very bored with it and with the tepid brown LV color after awhile.

    I just recently bought a large leather Gucci Soho wallet and totally loved it. Leather is smooshy soft, great functionality with 16 credit card slots, love the tassel on the zipper and seemed well made. It's a keeper and was recommended by the lovely SA I dealt with. I don't see the large version listed on the Gucci site but it's definitely in store. Price point is also great for a leather wallet compared to LV. I've also felt and looked at LV Empereinte (rough leather), Vernis (color transfer issue) and Epi ( plasticky).