Gucci Wallet to match rust signoria.. coming through!

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  1. I posted that I had gotten the large rust colored signoria bag on sale at NM. I called all around and I couldn't find the matching wallet. I placed an order for the wallet on (said that it would ship between 1/30 and 3/30) and I registered for the waitlist. That was in early December, I got a message yesterday saying that it will be here today. Wow. The wait list works sometimes.. It's so funny because I had packed it up to be returned by this weekend, because I know me and I would not carry a bag without a matching wallet. So I guess I will be keeping it. The only thing now is that the wallet was $500 (i think that was the regular price)...and it is definitely my last purchase for a long while. LOL! I think I have spent somewhere near 3-4K lol since finding this forum! I love it though... It was on BG for 725 and I was going to buy the handbag again and save 140 (mine at NM was 865) by returning the first one; but by the time I got my wallet; somebody had snatched it out of the cart... LOL!
  2. congrats on your purse and wallet... be sure to post pics when you get it!