Gucci Wallet Serial number?

  1. Was wondering if Gucci Wallets have serial numbers? Particularly in the horsebit leather. Haven't bought a New Gucci wallet for a while.
  2. I looked all over my Guccisima wallet and I couldn't find one anywhere.. maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I purchased mine at the Gucci boutique.
  3. Ok.. I dug out my Gucci Ellipse Wallet and found it.. It's underneath the bigger pocket on the left along the edge. I don't have my folks dig camera to show you but here's a pic I had of my wallet and I wrote where I found it..
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  4. Yes, they all have serial numbers. Each wallet style is different, but if you look hard enough - if you are questioning the authenticity of a's there. That goes for the wallets, bi-folds and checkbooks too. Hope this answers your question - it's in the leather, you just have to look :smile:
  5. Do the mens wallet have it? My brother's doesnt have it and my dads as well and both were bought in the Gucci Boutique.
  6. Well I'll look harder tonight, just got out my Blondie Wallet and it did have a serial. Didn't even notice it before. So subtle.
  7. Yes, it includes the men's wallets -I have one, purchased at Neiman Marcus and you have to look at the seams on the leather part of the wallet. I have a bi-fold and it has 4 interior c/c slots and then the slot for cash - if you look inside the seams behind the c/c slots for example, you will see the # in the seams. It's there, you just have to look - since the #'s have been engraved into the leather. Hope that helps!
  8. Thanks, will definetly look for it....
  9. All my Gucci wallets,more than 10,have the serial number...:yes: :yes:
  10. Ok just checked my brothers and it does have it. Will check my dad's tonight.
  11. chanelchick vbmenu_register("postmenu_1005697", true); - glad to hear you found the serial number, they are hard to find and I think GUCCI does that for a reason.
  12. Found mine too, right on the lip behind the CCs. Thanks!
  13. Oh! It took me 20 mins to find the serial number on the black texture wallet. Just where the picture shows.Thanks for those tips.
  14. how does a gucci wallet's serail number looks like? mine is 3595C 6969 and where do i go to check it besides that gucci shop?
  15. I know this is an old thread but I have a strange issue involving serial numbers.

    I recently ordered this wallet straight from

    When it came in the mail, I noticed that it does not have the circled R and "GUCCI made in italy" imprinted on the bottom right corner of the inside. Also, I can not find a serial number in it anywhere, including all of the suggested places in this thread.

    I emailed Gucci about it, and they're response was that "some small leather items do not have serial numbers, and that this wallet says 'GUCCI made in italy' on the outside." I'm just confused as to why these two things would be missing from an authentic Gucci wallet.