Gucci Wallet Owners!

  1. How are your wallets holding up. I really love the platinum leather guccisima wallet on I have never had a gucci wallet though, and I'm tough on my wallets, are they durable-any thoughts appreciated!
  2. I've never had a wallet either but I am hoping that Santa will hear my request!
  3. I have the Guccissima wallet that matches the Princy Satchel and it has held up so nice. I don't notice any scratches or anything. I really love this wallet and would like to have one in every color.

    I just recently bought the black lambskin with the large G's on it. It matches my 85th Anniversary Hobo bag. I love it a lot but I am noticing scratches on it already. So, I'm a little disappointed about that. I think the guccissima just hides the flaws better.

    Good luck to you.
  4. Thanks piper!!
  5. I have a fabric wallet w/ leather trim & I LOVE it. But...there is one spot where the leather is peeling a little. But it has been almost a year so I guess it's held up pretty well!
  6. I bought my red gg canvas wallet 3 years ago and it's still pristine. I also own a beige gg canvas wallet w/pink trim and gold hardware and it's been through the ringer and still looks brand new.
  7. I have two gucci wallets. One from the Blondie purple stripe collection it still looks brand new and the other beige GG's with the classic Green and red stripe that also looks brand new. Gucci wallets IMO are pretty durable. Hope this helps. :P
  8. Yes this is so helpful thanks guys!!
  9. I have a Gucci coated canvas wallet and I'm glad i bought it. Although, I LOVE the guccisima so much better I am hard on wallets. I have a guccisima purse I only used a couple of times and I just noticed a nick in the leather! :wtf: Coated canvas will last forever.
  10. I have a guccisima wallet too and I noticed a small scratch in the leather... Otherwise, it's been very durable.
  11. I have smooth leather Gucci wallet (not quite sure what collection it's from, but I bought it last summer). While the wallet itself has been quite durable, the leather is showing all kinds of wear and tear, especially since it's smooth leather.
  12. They are very durable.