Gucci Wallet delivered to me @ work!!!!

  1. :graucho: OK..I'm sitting here at work with my new Gucci wallet still in the box undrneath my desk!!!! I knew I'd miss delivery today and I had to sign for it so I called UPS last week and told them to deliver my wallet to work...So it's this huge box( why so big I don't know..maybe they threw in a free purse hehehe!) underneath my desk..I'm freaking out! I want to open it but I don't want to make a scene....Which will happen..I think I'm going to have to leave early..!!! I'll post pics later when I get home...I can't wait!!! :heart: Emmy
  2. Woohoo! Can't wait to see the pics too! Hope this one'll be in perfect condition with no scratches or anything like the one you got from Bluefly!